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People increasingly expect mobile sites to be fast and easy to use. To help brands understand the best examples of mobile site usability and speed, Google has reviewed 316 Travel, Retail, and Finance sites across seven European countries to determine who has mastered mobile and who still needs to pick up speed. Here we summarise the findings in Finance.

Next generation of the web technologies

amp speed

New mobile web technologies allow you to move beyond
optimising your existing site and really revolutionise your
customers’ mobile experience.

The four pillars to a great user experience are:

  • Speed: Bringing the visitor to the website quickly
  • Engagement: Keeping the user on the site and getting them to return
  • Conversion:Turning the user into a paying customer
  • Retention: Increasing customer lifetime value

Three new technologies are currently helping to facilitate great
user experiences: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Progressive
Web Apps (PWA) and Identity & Web Payments

identity and web payment amp


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP aims to make web content instant, anywhere, and to
ensure content is as compelling as possible. An open-source
initiative, the AMP Project is available to ad partners across the
industry who adopt the spec, and is seeing great momentum
within the ecosystem.

amp speed

AMP helps brands make their sites significantly faster. The median
time to load an AMP page from Google Search is under a second,
requiring ten times less data than an equivalent non-AMP page.
There are over two billion AMP pages live today, including Bing,
LinkedIn and Medium.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps aim to work everywhere, for every
user. They incorporate great functionality and include features
and performance benefits normally associated with native
apps: local caching, offline availability, add to homescreen and
push notifications.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are based on a set of new web standards,
shipping in Android-based Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Samsung
browsers, and soon to be available in other browsers too. They
allow developers to build sites that load fast, work great offline,
and progressively enhance the consumer experience in modern
browsers. Around two thirds of all mobile web browser sessions
in Europe support these features.

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